The Best Credit Repair Companies 2021

Who are the best credit repair companies in 2021?

Getting your credit report in order is very important when it comes to the management of your finances. If you are facing a credit history that is less than perfect, you might be tempted to call the best credit repair company to sort your issues.

However, this might not be the best step depending on the best credit repair services you choose.

If you have negative items on your credit reports, you will find it very challenging when you want to buy a car, home, or get a loan or some type of funding.

A low credit score can make the bank turn down your loan application, or when the application is accepted, you might end up being charged higher than standard interest rates.

Your bad credit could be a result of errors that are not your fault. However, trying to fix these errors yourself might be very hard and frustrating, even time-consuming. This is where a credit repair company comes into the picture.

These companies work on your behalf, at a fee, of course, to remove the negative items from your credit report that are incorrectly recorded.

However, not every company that calls itself a credit repair company is to be trusted. Many of these credit repair companies are fraudsters and just after your money.

But even with legitimate credit repair companies, not all are created equal. Before you decide to hire, I recommend reading about All You Need To Know About Credit Repair Companies.

Every company features its own unique processes, products, and rates. Here are some of the best credit repair companies that you can trust:

Credit Repair Company
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What Do Credit Repair Companies Do To Repair Your Credit?

When you hire a credit repair company, they will all look over your credit report, which you can get your free credit report here, and see if you have any inaccurate information.

Once they find the inaccurate information they send dispute letters to the credit bureaus or creditors to try and get them removed. If they are unsuccessful they will keep sending letters on your behalf until they are successful.

The Best Credit Repair Companies In 2021

The Best Credit Repair Companies

1. Credit Saint (ranked best overall)

Credit Saint Review

Credit Saint is the best repair company, with an outstanding rating of A+ for more than a decade at the Better Business Bureau. It has successfully assisted thousands of customers in improving their credit scores.

They have excellent reviews, superior customer service, and a money-back guarantee for the first 90 days.

The company begins by giving you a free consultation over your FICO credit score. The free consultation also helps in identifying the negative items affecting your credit.

After identifying all the problem areas, Credit Saint then sends challenges to all three credit bureaus to remove inaccurate information on your credit report on your behalf. It is $79.99 – $119.99 per month.

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2.Sky Blue Credit Repair (best value)

Sky Blue Credit Repair is the company to go for if you want excellent value and transparent pricing. Instead of giving you different credit repair options and service levels to choose from, Sky Blue offers all its services at a flat-rate of $79 monthly.

The company also disputes five items per bureau (15 in total) on your credit score every 35 days. This is increasingly better because other companies dispute items only every 45 to 60 days, while you are still charged monthly fees.

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3. Lexington Law (most experienced)

Lexington Law Review - The Credit Repair Blueprint

Founded in 1991, Lexington Law is one of the biggest and best credit repair companies in the US. The company helped remove more than 10,000,000 negative items from its clients’ credit reports in 2017 alone.

Lexington Law has a team of lawyers and paralegals who use different laws in protecting their clients’ credit from situations beyond their control. They offer three credit repair service levels starting at $89.85 and up to $129.95 per month.

4. The Credit Pros (fastest credit repair)

Credit Pros - Best Credit Repair Companies

Credit Pros is a fast-growing credit repair company that has been operational for over 12 years and has served over 200,000 clients. The company has maintained an A+ BBB rating, with a consistent rating as one of the fastest credit repair services by multiple independent review sites.

The Credit Pros pricing starts at $19 per month and goes up to $149 per month.

5. (best credit repair app) Review

This credit repair company is one of the best in disputing inaccurate information on your credit report. It was created in 2012 and has removed more than 1.8 million harmful items from its client’s credit reports since its creation.

After signing up with them, they immediately access your credit report and examine it to identify the items that could be inaccurate, invalid, or misleading.

They then create a personalized credit repair plan that will see them remove these negative items from your credit report and offer a strategy to rebuild positive credit. Just like other credit repair companies, offers three pricing levels starting at $69.95 per month to $119.95 per month.

6. Ovation Credit Services (best customer service)

Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services has helped improve the credit score of more than 120,000 people. The company has created itself a good reputation by offering cost-effective results as well as outstanding customer support.

The company prides itself on building relationships with its clients and improving their credit scores. Prices start at $79 per month plus an upfront fee of $89.

7. The Credit People (best guarantee)

The Credit People

Credit People is one of the best credit repair companies in 2021, with over 15 years of experience in credit repair services. The company offers both pay-as-you-go, monthly, and six-month flat-rate service plans.

Credit People boasts of unbeatable customer satisfaction, earning features in Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Smart Money. The company claims it can improve your credit scores by between 53 and 187 points.

The Credit People has monthly memberships that cost $19 upfront fee plus $7 a month or a flat rate membership at $419 for six months.

8. The Credit Repair Blueprint (#1 DIY Credit Repair Course)

The Credit Repair Blueprint is a credit repair course that will teach you how to fix your bad credit for life. This program was put together for those people who are tired of struggling to get access to loans or find affordable rates on mortgages simply because their credit scores aren’t good enough.

There are no monthly payments or hidden fees just a one time payment of $197 for unlimited access to the course.

In this course, you’ll learn exactly what’s going on with your credit and how to fix it for good by:

  1. Understanding the difference between a bad score vs no score at all.
  2. Finding out why we have credit scores in the first place (hint: It has nothing to do with money).
  3. Learning how to make a plan and follow through with it.
  4. Finding out what you need in order for your credit score to be fixed, including understanding the importance of research and finding reputable sources.
  5. Knowing EXACTLY what you should do when it comes time to apply for loans or mortgages, as well as knowing exactly what to do if you are denied.
  6. Learn how to improve your credit with opening new tradelines

-And much more!

Having made the search job easier for you, you now stand a better chance of choosing the best company that suits your needs.

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How Long Does It Take To Repair Credit?

On average, credit repair takes about three to six months to resolve disputes and correct any errors that you have on your credit report.

In some circumstances, credit repair can take longer if you have many items to dispute, or if you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft.

If you only have a few errors to fix on your credit report, you can start to see results in as little as 30 days.

How Much Does Credit Repair Cost?

Credit repair can cost anywhere around $19 to $149 a month.

Some credit repair companies can charge up to $2,000 to repair your credit.

Each credit repair company is different and they each have their own pricing structure. Some companies charge a monthly fee while some charge a flat fee.

It doesn’t mean one pricing structure is better than another. All you need to do is research the company, talk to them on the phone or online to see if they can answer any questions you have on their pricing or services.

Go with the company you think will be the best fit your needs at the price you think is right for you.

How Do I Repair My Credit?

It is easy to repair your credit when you have the help of a professional company, but it is also just as easy to repair your credit on your own.

To fix your credit on your own you should find a top credit repair training like The Credit Repair Blueprint Course.

This course will show you how to get your free credit report, what to look for on your credit report, explain what makes up your credit score and how to increase each category, how to get approved for credit cards and loans, and so much more.

Here are a few tips to repair your credit on your own:

5 Tips To Repair Your Credit

  1. Make sure all payments are paid on-time. Any missed or late-payments can negatively impact your credit score the most.
  2. Keep your debt low. Don’t max out your credit cards and then make minimum payments. Creditors like to see that you can borrow money and pay it back in a short period of time. Paying off your credit cards in full every month will increase your credit score and you will pay less money in interest.
  3. Keep Your Credit Cards Open. Credit history length is another important factor when it comes to your credit score. The longer you have a history of credit the more creditors will lend to you. Always keep your credit cards open even if you don’t use it often. Closing credit cards can negatively impact your credit score and lower your credit age.
  4. Mix Up Your Credit. Creditors like to see you use different forms of credit such as revolving credit like credit cards and installment credit like student loans, mortgages and personal loans. It’s always best to have a mix of both but don’t stretch yourself too thin and only open loans that you can afford to pay back.
  5. New Credit. Creditors like to see you open up new credit accounts but not too many at a time. If you open up to many credit accounts in a short period of time it can decrease your credit score and hurt your chances of getting approved as they might think you are desperate for money.

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Credit Repair Blueprint Course

Are Credit Repair Companies Worth The Cost?

Credit repair companies can be with worth the cost as they save you time.

Are you willing to comb through your credit report, contact creditors, write and send dispute letters, and follow up with credit bureaus?

If you are, you can absolutely fix your credit by yourself.

If not, you can hire any credit repair company to do all the work for you so you can focus on your work, life and family.

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What Is The Cheapest Credit Repair?

The cheapest credit repair would be do fix your credit on your own with a credit repair course. The Credit Repair Blueprint teaches you how you can fix your credit on your own, how to get approved for the best credit cards, how to get sign up bonuses to credit cards and bank accounts, how to make passive income with credit and so much more all for just $197. That’s all. No monthly subscriptions or contracts.

If you don’t want to learn how to repair your credit for life on your own, and want to hire a top credit repair agency, Sky Blue Credit Repair charges a flat rate of $79 a month.

Can Credit Repair Companies Remove Late Payments?

Credit repair companies can only legally remove late payments that are inaccurate from your credit report. Any information that is accurate must stay on your credit report. If you find a late payment that is inaccurate, the credit repair company will dispute this item to the credit bureaus and get it removed.

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Can Credit Repair Companies Remove Hard Inquiries?

Credit repair companies can help you remove hard inquiries. If you don’t recognize a hard inquiry, or authorized a hard inquiry you can have the credit repair company dispute this item with the credit bureaus.

However, if you applied for a credit account then this item will most likely have to stay on your credit report.

If you are applying for a mortgage and the mortgage company needs to pull your credit multiple times to find the best interest rate for you, sometimes these hard inquiries won’t show up on your credit report but sometimes they do.

If you have too many and it hurting your credit score you can have the credit repair company contact the creditor and try to get it removed.

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What Is The Best Reason To Dispute Credit?

There are several reasons you should dispute items from your credit report but these good reasons all include any inaccurate information. Here are the best reasons to dispute items from your credit report:

  1. Late payments that were actually paid on time.
  2. Inaccurate creditor (you have a credit account that you don’t actually own)
  3. Inaccurate account balance
  4. Inaccurate account status (account says closed when it is still open, or open when it should be closed)
  5. Accounts that aren’t yours.
  6. Inaccurate credit limits.
  7. Inaccurate loan amounts.

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Is It True That After 7 Years Your Credit Is Clear?

Most negative information on your credit reports stays on your credit for 7 years, however bankruptcies can stay on your credit for 10 years. Most of these negative accounts such as unpaid credit card debt and collections will fall off your credit after 7 years.

That means any payments associated with the unpaid debts will no longer affect your credit score. Creditors and collection agencies might still try to contact you to pay the debt after 7 years but you should know the laws and check The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

This act guides how third-party collection agencies can contact consumers and also prevents collectors from reporting unverified debts.

You are allowed to request debt validation from the third-party collection agency contacting you to verify that the debt is indeed yours, the amount is correct, and the collector has the right to collect it.

If they don’t provide proof of these items after you have requested validation, they are not allowed to collect on those debts any further or report them to the credit bureaus.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Credit Repair Service?

Credit repair is the ultimate solution to an account whose current report is unimpressive and whose ratings have nosedived.

On the other hand, a good credit score is the most coveted prize for every credit card holder because it opens immense opportunities and benefits.

Conversely, a bad credit score can push an individual into financial stagnation because it shuts all the doors to lending and access to funding using loans.

A lingering low score can lead to denial of utilities such as electricity, water, gas, internet, and even phone services in extreme cases. 

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It follows that many service providers, real estate firms, landlords, employers, and lenders constantly shun any individual whose credit score is in the red.

To adequately fix the preceding problems, it is prudent to seek Credit repair services at the earliest opportunity. Whereas some solutions can be done individually, credit repairing often involves skimming through tons of documentation and minute details.

Working through these details and processes can quickly bog down an individual who is already hit by the woes of dwindling fortunes occasioned by the low credit score. Utilizing credit repair services comes with the following benefits;

5 Benefits Of Using A Top Credit Repair Agency

1. They take over the burden: 

The process of correcting flawed entries accrued over a long period is a complex task. It is a long and tedious exercise that is time-consuming and requires long periods of intensive inspection of repetitive information.

They will initiate the process by contacting the credit bureaus; they will dig through the report to find inaccuracies, misreports, fraudulent entries, and unsubstantiated items.

They will then craft a plan, gather all information, collect the data and build a case. They will then lodge the dispute and make a follow-up until the current matter is brought to its logical conclusion that is most favorable to the client.

2. It involves experts and professionals

Whenever the credit score takes a plunge, it is only prudent that credit experts are involved in crafting the problem.

A credit repair service involves professionals with legal expertise in credit laws and hands-on experience. Occasionally, the negative credit report is a result of issues such as identity theft, cyber crimes, credit card skimming, divorce, and medical bills.

It would take the hawk-eyed inspection of a professional to unearth a proper diagnosis of the credit account and offer custom-made solutions.

They also ensure they act within the express provision of the laws that deal with fair credit reporting, debt collection, billing, and consumer protection. Involving experts shields you from applying a corrective action that would further complicate the status.

3. Choose your package

Every credit report problem is unique to the individual involved. As the issues evolve, so are the remedial processes and solutions available in the market.

No one bill fits them all. Many credit repair companies offer tailor-made solutions, and individuals can select from a variety of packages.

These packages vary across the board but include a selection from the following; lodging disputes, analyzing one’s credit score, tracking one’s credit score, credit monitoring over a specified period, and sending letters.

Because every single negative item on the report is handled as a single challenge, a client can then choose a repair package depending on the specific items relevant to the case. 

4. Everyone needs an arbiter 

A credit repair service is in the business of maximizing benefits and minimizing losses. It is common to reach a compromise and strike a negotiated settlement with lenders and banks after initiating negotiations.

The repair service personnel can do this with ease and expertise. To this end, interested rates can be amended and lowered, collection actions stopped, discount payoffs negotiated, and even debt dismissal. 

5. Ongoing Consultation

Within the required 30 days of lodging a repair request, the credit bureau should have furnished the client and other relevant parties the reviewed, altered and cleaned up a report.

In the meantime, a client can benefit immensely by tapping into the repair service’s credit knowledge. One can sign up for a long-term package involving support and customized advice on maintaining a clean score.

These services include periodical review and debt relief advice

Credit repair services are extremely important in checking and correcting existing errors in the current credit report.

Cleaning up the report takes time and requires individual financial discipline and a change of habits. It is prudent to always remain on top of the game at every bend of your credit history.

Nevertheless, when your credit sky turns ugly-red and all twisted, a dash to the credit repair service is inevitable.

How Can I Monitor My Credit Score?

If you are working with a credit repair company they give you access to monitor your credit each month through their platforms however you can monitor your own credit for free or with other apps.

Free Credit Repair Monitoring

To access your credit score for free is simple and easier than you think it is. Most credit card companies allow you to view your credit score through their apps. Here is a list of all the credit score monitor apps that you can access for free and what credit score they offer:

  1. American Express – FICO Score
  2. Credit Karma – VantageScore (TransUnion & Equifax)
  3. Credit Sesame– VantageScore (TransUnion)
  4. Capital One – TransUnion Score
  5. Citi – FICO Score
  6. Chase – Experian
  7. Discover – FICO Score
  8. Wells Fargo – FICO Score

Other Places To Monitor Your Credit Score

Some websites offer more in depth analysis of your credit score that you would need to pay for which can be worth it if you are planning on buying a car, buying a house or looking to get a personal loan.

While these websites aren’t free they give you more than just your credit score, they will tell you exactly what you should do to increase your score and what the best chances are for you to get approved for a loan.

  1. myFICO – Full FICO Score which is best if you are looking to buy a home, or car

Do you have bad credit, no credit or want to learn how to become a credit expert?

The Credit Repair Course includes:

  1. How to find your credit report and your ACTUAL Credit Score
  2. A breakdown of how your credit score is calculated
  3. How to increase your credit score in each category
  4. The best tools to increase your credit score fast
  5. How to dispute negative items from your credit report
  6. Credit dispute letter templates and when to send them
  7. The best credit cards for your credit score
  8. How to use credit cards to leverage your money and business
  9. How to use credit cards to get free travel, bonuses and rewards

Learn how to fix your credit for life by enrolling in The Credit Repair Blueprint today!

1. What is the best credit repair company?

These are seven best credit repair companies that you should pick in 2021:
1. Credit Saint
2. Sky Blue Credit Repair
3. Lexington Law
4. The Credit People
5. The Credit Repair Blue Print
6. Oviation Credit Repair Services
7. Credit
8. The Credit Pros

2. Who is the best credit repair company?

Saint is the best repair company, with an outstanding rating of A+ for more than a decade at the Better Business Bureau. It has successfully assisted thousands of customers in improving their credit scores.

3. How much do credit repair companies charge?

Credit repair can cost anywhere around $19 to $149 a month.Some credit repair companies can charge up to $2,000 to repair your credit.
Each credit repair company is different and they each have their own pricing structure. Some companies charge a monthly fee while some charge a flat fee.

Credit Repair Course - The Credit Repair Blueprint