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Best Credit Repair In Houston

Credit Repair in Houston

Do you know where to find credit repair in Houston? Houston is known for many things. The Houston Astros, NASA, and the Houston Rockets are just a few of them. Houston also happens to be one of the best places in Texas to get credit repair services! Credit repair companies in Houston offer services including credit restoration, debt settlement programs, bankruptcy assistance and more. In this blog post we will highlight some of the best credit repair companies in Houston so you know who to contact for your needs!

Why Do You Need Credit Repair?

According to Experian Annual State of Credit report, the average credit score in Houston is 651 which is below the national average of 698. If you have FICO score below 661 or a Vantage Score of 700 you are considered to have a bad credit score.

A bad credit score can affect you in many ways. It can make it harder to get a loan or credit card, find an apartment, secure utilities and even keep your job! Fortunately with the help of credit repair companies Houston residents have more options available than ever before.

To fix your credit score you can do it yourself with an easy to follow credit repair course like The Credit Repair Blueprint that will educate you on how to fix your personal credit for life and build business credit or hire a credit repair company.

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What is Credit Saint And It’s Features?

Credit Repair Blueprint Course

What Are The Best Credit Repair Companies In Houston?

credit repair in Houston - The Credit Repair Blueprint

If you are looking for reputable credit repair companies in Houston you should be careful to choose reputable businesses that do not charge too much and have good reviews.

I would recommend choosing a credit repair company with experience working on big accounts as well as local business clients. A strong online presence is also important to help attract both customers and future employees, so ensure the website has been updated within the last six months. Good reviews is always a plus especially if they have a good grade on Better Business Bureau.

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Best Credit Repair In Houston

Here is our list of the best credit repair in Houston:

1. Texas Best Credit Repair

Screen Shot 2021 08 27 At 11.57.55 AM 1024x444, Credit Repair Blueprint

Texas Best Credit Repair is a professional credit repair company that has FICO certified credit experts on staff to help with all your credit needs. Ranked at number one for real estate credit repair, if you are looking to fix your credit before you buy a home this is a great option for you. They offer credit repair services in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio and has been around for 8 years. You can get a free credit consultation by calling 512-308-6000 select option 2.

Texas Best Credit Repair Cost

Texas Best Credit Repair offers 4 different credit plans. All plans are based on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time. Their pricing is not available on their website.

Starter Limited Plan – most affordable plan

E-Coach Plan – completely online credit improvement solution

Credit Coach Plan – Their most popular plan providing credit coaching to fix your credit fast

Credit Expert Plan – Personalized credit coaching to maximize your improvement in the shortest amount of time.


Facebook – 4.6

Google – 4.8

Better Business Bureau – A+ (not accredited)

2. Raise Up Credit Repair

Raise Up Credit Repair - Credit Repair in Houston

Raise Up Credit Repair started in 2014 and has helped over 9,000 repair their credit in Houston along with 12 other major cities they are located in. They help you remove inaccurate negative items that can hurt your credit score such as late payments, collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies and more. You can get a free credit consultation by calling 312-275-2341.

Rise Up Credit Repair Cost

Pricing is not available on their website but their credit repair services include a free summary report and credit score, access to a credit consultant, and online access to your dashboard with updates on your progress.


Google– 4.7

Facebook– no reviews

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3. Alex Miller Credit Repair

Alex Miller Credit Repair - Credit Repair in Houston

Alex Miller Credit Repair was founded over 3 years ago by CEO Alex Miller and is most known for his 3 Round Burst process to remove inaccurate negative accounts from credit reports. In his 3 years of business he has grown his company to 5 offices with over 100 employees while helping over 11,000 customers.

Alex Miller Credit Repair Cost

There is not any pricing information on their website however they do offer The 3 Round Burst service which consists of 3 rounds of advanced disputing with each round lasting 30-40 days. They do offer 3 month payment plans.


Google -4.7 (335 reviews)

Better Business Bureau -F (Not BBB Accredited)

Yelp– 1.5

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4. Canopy Credit Repair

Canopy Credit Repair- Credit Repair in Houston

Canopy Credit is credit repair for the modern world that was created in 2018 by a small team of credit strategist, financial experts and tech geeks. They use AI technology to help you remove negative items from your credit report including collections, medical debt, hard inquiries, late payments and more. After removing the negative items they help you establish new positive accounts to improve your credit score.

Canopy Credit Pricing

Canopy Credit has 3 payment plans all with a 7-day free trial:

Lite- $89 per month

  • Client Portal
  • 3 Account Disputes
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Coaching

Standard- $109 per month

  • Everything included int the Lite plan
  • 5 Account Disputes
  • Inquiry Assist
  • Credit Building Resources

Premium- $124 per month

  • Everything in the Standard Plan
  • Unlimited Disputes
  • Premium Credit Resources
  • Certified Disputes
  • AI-Powered Processing
  • Direct to Original Creditor Challenges


Google -4.9

Facebook – 5

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There are many great options to help you repair your credit in Houston. Find a company that you think will help out your situation the best as each company handles accounts differently and has special expertise. If you are looking for a more well known company available nationwide view our list of best credit repair companies or if you want a more affordable option to fix your credit for life on your own try out The Credit Repair Blueprint Course.

Do you have bad credit, no credit, or want to learn how to become a credit expert?

Signup for the #1 DIY Credit Repair Course

The Credit Repair Course includes:

  • How to find your credit report and your ACTUAL Credit Score
  • A breakdown of how your credit score is calculated
  • How to increase your credit score in each category
  • The best tools to increase your credit score fast
  • How to dispute negative items from your credit report
  • Credit dispute letter templates and when to send them
  • The best credit cards for your credit score
  • How to use credit cards to leverage your money and business
  • How to use credit cards to get free travel, bonuses and rewards

Learn how to fix your credit for life by enrolling in The Credit Repair Blueprint today!

Credit Repair Course - The Credit Repair Blueprint

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