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How To Become A Credit Repair Specialist?

How To Become A Credit Repair Specialist

Let me start my discussion with a tip for those planning to become a credit repair specialist or looking to start a credit repair business.

Tip – Starting a successful credit repair business or becoming a successful credit repair specialist requires you to understand your market, use your resources wisely, and develop a consistent & robust business plan.

But the question that comes to our mind after reading this tip is why would you plan to pursue a credit repair specialist career, and what must be your qualification to become a credit repair specialist.

For your information, there is no specific degree you need for becoming a credit repair specialist. At the same time, if you are good at money, and have a degree specific to business or finance, you may plan to become a credit repair specialist.

Let us now discuss why you should prefer becoming a credit report specialist. Reading it further will give you an idea of how to become a credit report specialist.

Why Credit Repair Specialist?

credit repair specialist

Many credit lenders expect a credit score of 700 or above when they decide to lend some money to any borrower. In simple terms, a credit score of 700 or above is considered a good score by money lenders.

The average FICO score of youngsters and millennials in America ranges between 670 to 680. This suggests that many Americans fall below the threshold of what is considered a good credit score by money lenders.

It proves that a credit repair specialist career is in demand and will remain the same in the upcoming years. I might term it as a lucrative career.

If you wish to build your career as a credit repair specialist, read on. The information I have presented here will help you in building a successful career.

How To Become A Credit Repair Specialist?

There are a few recommendable steps that you can follow to build a successful career in the credit repair industry. However, there could be many other ways to create your career in this industry, suggested by some experienced professionals.

People in the credit repair industry wish to have some practical and theoretical knowledge of the field. Is wide, with physicians writing prescriptions for controlled substances like narcotics, which are required to be registered and to meet certain security requirements before issuance. Hence, they prefer courses specific to business and finance. You may also opt for studies related to economics and maths.

However, let me be clear here that it is not necessary to pursue a 4-year degree course if you wish to become a credit repair specialist. It is not a need, but it can support your career.

2. Learn how to negotiate

When you work as a credit repair specialist, you advocate with creditors, money lenders, and credit reporting agencies on behalf of your client. You must have negotiation skills when you are fighting to decrease your client’s debt.

Suppose your client comes in with a debt of $30,000 and wishes to get it reduced drastically. In such a case, you must have negotiation skills to deal with creditors & money lenders to reduce your client’s burden of paying the debt to a nearby manageable amount.

3. Memorize the process of removing negative items from the credit report

This is one of the most significant steps when you plan to become a credit repair specialist. Apart from negotiating with creditors & money lenders, most of your time will be spent removing negative items from your client’s credit reports.

And to do so, you might have to memorize the whole process followed by the credit bureaus to remove negative items from the credit reports.

Creditors & money lenders report late payments, bankruptcy, collections, charge-offs, etc., directly to the credit bureaus. These items may have a negative effect on your client’s credit score.

Hence, you must thoroughly remember the process of how to deal with credit bureaus to remove the negative items.

4. Get thorough information about local licensing & insurance requirements.

Each locality has different needs of licensing and insurance. Wherever there is money involved, a requirement of licensing and insurance is inevitable. Hence, I suggest you must do your homework prior.

However, you may have to keep information about local licensing & insurance requirements if you wish to start your own credit repair company. If you plan to become an employee of a credit repair company, then it is okay if you don’t have this information.

5. You must perform a thorough study on the company you wish to work for

I deny saying this when I motivate others to opt for a credit repair specialist career. However, there are indeed several false operating credit repair companies in the market today. Hence, before you plan to join a company and accept their offer, I wish you must have the following information handy.

  1. Check out reviews present on the internet regarding the credit repair company. You must know what people feel about the credit repair company.
  2. What are the services provided by the credit repair company to their clients?
  3. Know whether clients are happy with services provided by the credit repair company.
  4. Does the credit repair company achieve any accreditation?
  5. Does the credit repair company earn any tangible rewards and accolades?
  6. How long is the credit repair company operative?

The answer to these questions will help you select the best credit repair company to work at. 

6. You cannot solve your client’s financial concerns if you are not at the top of yours.

When you work as a credit repair specialist, you must educate your clients on not going back into debt after removing them from debts. To do so, you may educate them on how to use apps that can manage their finances, the latest ways of saving taxes at the end of the year, the latest long-term investment plans, etc.

Educating them and helping them come out of debt will give them unsurpassed customer service. But you can provide all this knowledge to them only if you have your finances managed well using the same tactics. You need to be at the top of your finances.

7. You must do self-publicity in the market (marketing yourself)

Cutthroat competition is developed in the current market, though there is a lot of money in the credit repair business. To surpass your competitors, you must find the best way to market yourself and create your presence as a credit repair specialist.

The best medium of marketing yourself is by using the power of social media. You can start promoting yourself and your work on channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

However, if you are new in the business, you can start with a Facebook page. You can create posts regarding your work and build your follower community. Later, you can use paid campaigns to reach your target audience.

8. You must invest your time in networking.

The finance industry is all about money-making. You need to instill a networking habit and connect with people working in different finance industry segments. For example, you can build your network with chartered accountants, money lenders, financial advisors, real estate professionals, etc.

Remember not to overlap any single segment of the finance industry. Overlapping might create a conflict. It becomes a win-win situation for you and the prospective network if there is no overlapping.

Other Important Information that might help you with your Credit Card Repair

Improving your credit score is a challenging task. Credit Saint helps you improve and boost your credit score by building a positive payment history. Credit Saint helps you with understanding of removal of any late payments. Credit Saint reviews your credit report and if you notice any hard enquiries, helping you to get those items removed. Alternatives to Credit Saint are Disputebee, Lexington Law & Credit Repair Cloud.

Final Thoughts

Lower credit scores mean high interest rates, higher charges on credit card balances. No one will ever aim to pay high interest when they can improve their credit scores. Repairing a credit report will allow a user to get more competitive rates and pay a lesser amount as interest.

Once you are experienced and certified as a credit repair specialist, you will be able to help your clients improve their credit scores by repairing their credit reports. You will be a master in creating credit dispute letters which is an effective way of resolving errors in credit reports.

There is much left in the finance industry, which you can cover by becoming a credit repair specialist. With the ever-changing trends and regulations, you have the upper hand in earning money by becoming a credit repair specialist.

However, it is not necessary to start with a credit repair business. Knowing Americans’ current average credit score, I feel that there will be a lot of work done by the existing credit repairing companies like Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, Credit People, etc.

You can think of joining any of these companies, subject to having good knowledge about the finance industry. But remember checking out credit repair company’s reviews before joining.


1. Is there any need for certification to become a credit repair specialist?

Various laws for each state regulate the credit repair industry. While there is no requirement of pursuing certification to become a credit repair specialist, you must know these laws.

2. How much does a credit repair specialist make?

As per Amazon, a credit repair specialist/professional can make up to $10,000 to $20,000 a month.

3. Is it legal to charge for credit repair?

Yes, it is legal to charge for the services you provide as a credit repair specialist.

4. Is it illegal to credit repair?

No, it is legal in all 50 states. As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, every individual has the right to repair their credit report.

5. What does a credit repair specialist do?

The primary activity of a credit repair specialist is to file a dispute to credit bureaus for the inaccurate information in the credit report.

6. How can you solve the inaccurate information in your credit report?

You can connect with a credit repair specialist to help you solve the problems in your credit report.