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How To Buy A Tradeline? (2021)

How To Buy A Tradeline

Do you know how to buy a tradeline? Do you know what a tradeline is and how to use it to increase your credit score? We will be going over all tradeline information in this article.

Several people wonder about how to buy a tradeline to improve their credit scores. So, are you one of those people? If yes, then this blog will help you get a solution to it.

Our credit score impacts a lot of things in our life. Our credit score affects the interest paid on loans, our insurance premium, and many such payments.

Having a poor to a bad credit score will lead to higher premiums and interest rates. Hence, every one of us is in the run of improving our credit score.

It takes a long time to improve your credit history. But do you know there is a way to improve your credit history drastically? Did you know you can buy someone else’s good credit history?

We term this solution as the quick solution to solve the credit history.

The key takeaway from this guide

  1. What is a credit tradeline?
  2. Is it legal to buy a tradeline? What are the implications of purchasing a tradeline?
  3. Will you see an impact on your credit score after buying a tradeline?
  4. What is the process of getting a tradeline?
  5. Are there any additional resources to improve the credit scores?

At this point, I can say that if you are ready to learn everything about tradeline, including how to buy a tradeline, then wait no more. Let’s start.

What is a credit tradeline?

In simple terms, a credit tradeline is an account appearing on your credit report.

Let’s say your father has a good credit score, and he adds you as an authorized user of his credit card. The result will show an improvement in your credit score.

It means if someone with a good credit history adds you as an authorized user in their seasoned tradelines, i.e., credit card, then you can reap the benefits of their excellent credit history.

Many people call buying a tradeline ‘renting a tradeline.’ Let me tell you; the concept remains the same. If someone asks me, I would say renting is a more appropriate option.

This credit repair technique, where you buy a tradeline, is an effective option to improve your FICO score to,

  • Gain quick loan approvals.
  • Negotiate better interest rates.
  • Get fast rent approval.
  • Save money.

Is Buying A Tradeline Risky?

Do you know buying a tradeline is sometimes risky? It may also be considered fraud.

Frankly, there is no harm in being an authorized user of someone else’s credit card. However, the gray area starts when someone does not have any family or friends willing to add them to their credit card.

Such a situation has led more and more companies to offer credit tradelines to their customers. The idea is to improve their bad credit.

In short, a company takes your name, social security number, and a fee to associate your name with someone having a good credit history.

Before we move ahead with the advantages and disadvantages, I must answer a couple of more questions about buying a tradeline.

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How to buy a tradeline?

how to buy a tradeline
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Are you wondering where to buy a tradeline?

Several companies are currently operating in the market, providing easy tradeline access. I mean to say, such companies will help you to solve the process of purchasing a tradeline.

If you have decided to buy a tradeline, compare the charges taken by these companies, and select the better deal. This activity must be done before you hand over your information to the company.

While you go out for a search, there is a rule to search for a better option. Hence, you need to keep your eyes open to avoid getting into a scam.

One of the best companies for buying a tradeline is Tradeline Supply Company. They ensure you have the best tradelines to buy and have excellent reviews from previous customers.

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After reading till this point, you might feel whether purchasing a tradeline is legal or not? I will let you know the answer. Please read the next section of my discussion.

is buying tradeline legal

You cannot get any perks without the cold & hard truth. When you go out to purchase a tradeline, the situation is similar.

After reading and going through several financial experts’ voices, I feel buying a tradeline is not illegal. However, purchasing a credit and paying for authorized user tradelines can sometimes be treated as dishonest.

When you go out to apply for a loan, fair lenders and creditors will look at the following things,

  • Your credit history.
  • Your payment history.
  • Several other activities associated with your credit history

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If this is so, then you are fooling your creditor by buying a tradeline. In short, you are telling your lender that whatever positive they can observe about someone else is true about you.

Some people would say that all do such ‘Piggybacking.’ In America, more than one in five have an excellent credit score, giving access to the best and most affordable credit products.

They typically become an authorized user on their family or friends’ accounts. However, do you think using third-party credit history is the same as buying a tradeline?

Some would say ‘Yes,’ and some would say ‘No.’

However, regardless of what people say, you need to consider the statement by Experian before buying a tradeline and It says,

“Buying a tradeline can be considered as deceiving the lenders or even committing bank fraud.”

Knowing this, the question that arises is why do people think of purchasing a tradeline?

Why purchase a tradeline?

Credit history plays a significant role in an adult’s life.

If you have a good credit score, you can access auto loans, credit cards, and mortgages.

However, having a poor credit score can make you pay heavy interest rates, the hefty premium for the insurance, etc.

Hence, a quick way to update your credit score is by purchasing a tradeline.

But as said, there are several implications of buying a tradeline. Though it is advantageous in achieving a good credit score, it has its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of buying a tradeline

1. Privacy Issues

Credit repair companies helping you in repairing your credit history by helping you purchase a tradeline have access to your social security number. As said, SSN is mandatory in adding you as an authorized user.

Hence, you never know who has access to your personal information and uses it legally and illegally. There is always a risk of stealing your identity or using the information illegally.

2. Short-term success

You can never have long-term success when you have authorized access to someone else’s account for your credit score. Consider you get a loan approved based on someone else’s account. Do you think you will be able to repay the amount having a poor credit history?

Hence, I can say that purchasing a tradeline will give you short-term success. However, if you wish to get a long-term one, follow the steps I have mentioned here.

What are the ways of improving your credit score?

There are seven smart alternatives for improving/boosting your credit score. Here is the list.

ways to improve your credit score

7 Tips For Improving Your Credit Score

1. Focus on your payment history

You need to avoid paying bills late. At times, late payments have a significant effect on your credit score.

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2. Review your credit history often

You need to make a habit of checking your credit report from all the credit bureaus often. This activity will help you to find errors if any.

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3. Please don’t neglect errors

If you find negative errors on your credit report, you must file a dispute against the credit bureaus. You can even hire credit repair companies to do the same for you.

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4. Please pay your credit card balances in full every month

When you keep your credit card payments to $0, it helps you build a good credit score. It helps you in saving money on interest.

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5. You need to have a plan to apply for new credit

You need to keep in mind that it is not necessary to avoid applying/seeking new credit. However, it is essential to prevent unnecessary hard inquiries.

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6. You must consider opening new accounts

Creating a new credit becomes helpful when you have a thin credit file. However, you need to manage it well.

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7. You can ask your loved ones to help you

This is the last resource to improve your credit score. You can ask your loved ones to add you as an authorized user in one of their good credit accounts. But in such a case, I hope you can take the help of professional credit repair companies. Their guidance will become beneficial in the longer run.

👉 If you choose to fix your credit on your own you can access the best credit repair software for removing collections and inquiries here 👈

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Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about a short-term goal of improving your credit score, then purchasing a tradeline will become beneficial. However, if you plan to achieve a long-term goal, proceed with the smarter ways I listed here.

One thing remains common between these short-term and long-term goals, i.e., once you succeed in improving your credit score, don’t stop there.

You need to aim for the higher echelon of the credit score to enjoy the financial benefits. If you are still confused about whether to buy a tradeline or not, you can connect with the best credit repair companies currently available in the credit repair industry.


1. How to add a tradeline on my credit?

You can add pre-existing credit accounts to your credit report. You can ask your family member or your friend to add you to their credit account. This way you can add a tradeline to your credit.

2. Is buying a tradeline an illegal activity?

As per Experian, if you buy a tradeline, you are deceiving your money lenders and credit report agencies.

3. How long does a tradeline last?

It lasts at least for 7 years or more.

4.How much does it cost to buy a tradeline?

Normally, it ranges between $600 to $1200. But, if you are lucky, then you may get it at $500. Remember, cheaper ones are sold fast.