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Review Of Credit Sesame

This is a complete review of Credit Sesame.

Remaining financially independent and getting success truly means that you know your entire financial picture.

But there is one aspect that is completely overlooked. It is your credit profile. If you monitor your credit report, you can quickly put the best foot forward in your financial journey.

An excellent credit score will guarantee you the best interest rates for any car or home loan and lowers the percentage yield on credit cards.

Did you know that staying on top of your credit profile also helps you avoid any fraudulent activity?

A study suggests that identity theft cases cost $502.5 billion in 2019, which went to $712.4 billion in 2020. In 2021, it is expected to reach $721 billion.

A credit repair company that can help you stay at the top of your credit profile with free identity protection is Credit Sesame.

Let us understand several aspects of Credit Sesame in this review that will give us a deep insight into how we can become beneficial using Credit Sesame.

What is Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame Review - Pros Cons & Advantages
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Credit Sesame, headquartered at Mount View in California, was founded in 2007. The credit repair company fetches the information from TransUnion, one of the three credit bureaus maintaining your credit profile. Credit Sesame provides free credit scores and credit reports, and several other perks.

In short, Credit Sesame is a free professional management tool that assists users with their monetary liabilities.

Other financial management tools focus on retirement investments & target saving goals, whereas Credit Sesame focuses on debt.

Credit Sesame specializes in monitoring the financial obligations of the users and provide the required recommendations.

Hence, we can say that Credit Sesame is one of the best credit monitoring services available presently.

Now let us understand how it works.

Are you in search of a credit repair company to get your updated credit score & credit report? Then visit Credit Sesame now!

How does Credit Sesame operate?

Credit Sesame
  1. If you wish to enroll for free credit scores and credit reports, you will have to enter detailed information as suggested in their sign-up form. They have done a great job in explaining to their users why they need so much information.
  2. You will not be asked to enter the whole SSN except for entering the last four digits of your social security number.
  3. Additionally, they ask you three security questions to check your background. It includes your student loan payments, employer, and state where your social security card was issued. You can skip enrolling in its bank if you wish not to.
  4. At this point, you are ready to register on Credit Sesame with the required information.
  5. Immediately after registering on Credit Sesame, you will see your credit score and the potential reach of your credit score.
  6. Additionally, it will give you suggestions regarding how to reach the potential score.
  7. You can see what has impacted your credit score and debt in income analysis.
  8. If you wish to see your full credit report, you will have to apply for the premium or advanced plan provided by Credit Sesame.

What are the plans of Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame Pricing

Credit Sesame is free for all its users. You get $50,000 monthly theft insurance for free once your register. There are no hidden fees or charges if you wish to see your credit report. The free membership provided by Credit Sesame is so exciting, then you would feel worth spending on the additional facilities provided in the paid plans.

Credit Sesame offers three plans to all its users.

  1. Basic plan – Once you register on Credit Sesame, you become an automatic subscriber of a Basic plan. Credit Sesame charges you nothing for it. The Basic plan is free for all users. You are entitled to see your free credit scores, free credit report, and much more with the Basic plan of Credit Sesame.
  2. Advanced plan – The Advanced service of Credit Sesame offers you daily credit-score updates, monthly three-bureau credit scores, and monthly three credit bureaus credit reports. You need to pay $9.95 per month to subscribe to the Advanced services of Credit Sesame.
  3. Platinum Protection plan – With this plan, you get 24/7 customer support services in case of any wallet loss. If you subscribe to this plan, you get regular alerts regarding any suspicious activities

    Credit Sesame monitors the black-marketing website, public records, and your social security number for such questionable activities. If you wish to register for this plan, you will have to pay $19.95 per month. In this plan, you will get $1 million in identity theft insurance.

If you are okay with the basic credit report provided by Credit Sesame with the basic plan, then you are good to go. Also, with the basic plan, you get theft insurance of $50,000 which is an add-on.

In case if you wish to get a full-fledged credit report, you must first sign up using the basic plan. Use it for a while, and if you feel like adding the new features, go ahead with the paid plan.

Are you interested in knowing more about the plans and how they will solve your credit report queries? Then sign up today!

What are the features of Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame provides several features to its users. Among those several ones, we have listed some of the primary features here.

8 Credit Sesame Features

1. Get a free credit score

Once you register on Credit Sesame, you are eligible to get a free credit score based on your credit history. Credit Sesame fetches the information collected from their partners, TransUnion, one of the three credit bureaus.

Along with your credit score, you are entitled to get information regarding what went wrong previously, along with the recommendations. You can run through these recommendations to avoid committing the same mistakes in the future.

To see a full list of places to get your free credit report click here!

2. Get Free Credit Monitoring Done By Credit Sesame

There are several activities done by Credit Sesame while monitoring your credit report. Credit Sesame will send you alerts that affect your credit report, changes done in your credit score, and if there are any errors in your credit report.

3. Get Free Identity Theft Protection

Credit Sesame provides identity theft protection in the form of identity theft insurance of $50,000 for free. In case of any identity loss, you will be protected and get additional support from Credit Sesame in restoring your credit.

4. Get Free Saving Recommendations

Looking at your debt-to-income ratio, Credit Sesame, based on its analysis, will provide you with recommendations for saving your bucks. It will share suggestions of loans & credit cards where you can save your money.

5. Get Sesame Cash

Credit Sesame also runs a financial institution providing you with digital checking accounts that will reward you with cash in case of any jump in the credit score. You can transfer these funds to your online bank.

There are several chances when your credit score leaps 10 to 99. In such a case, you will receive a minimum of $10 in your account. In general, it helps you save your money with an improvement in your credit score.

Please note – there is no monthly service fee, no minimum balance limit, etc.

6. You Can Manage Your Finances In One Place

Credit Sesame will pull your transactions and Vantage Score monthly to connect it with debt to analyze your financial condition. You can review all your finances in one place to plan your future accordingly.

Alongside, you can link your account with your bank account to pay your credit card bills timely to avoid any interest payment.

7. Get Quick Cashback Offers

Using Credit Sesame Cash Debit Mastercard, you can earn several cashback offers. You can even visit several partnered stores or shop online and get a cashback while shopping.

8. Get Mobile Protection

With Credit Sesame, you get mobile protection of $500 per year for any kind of theft or damage.

Credit Sesame’s Pros and Cons holds equal importance as the features do. Hence, let us go through it now.

Are these features creating a WOW factor for you in monitoring your credit report? If yes, then wait no more.

Pros and Cons of Credit Sesame

There are several pros and cons that we must know before creating an account on Credit Sesame. Let us go through it.


  • Free credit score. It provides you with your credit score in 90 seconds after logging in.
  • Keeps track of your credit report and suggests free recommendations to improve your credit score. These suggestions will help you to deal with your further spending in the future.
  • Free identity theft protection of $50,000. It means that whenever there are any suspicious activities, Credit Sesame will provide their services to restore your credit quickly.
  • Get cashback offers on your online shopping.
  • You can easily manage your finances in one place


  • ❌ You need to subscribe to paid plans to get the full credit report. You all know that credit bureaus provide a free credit report once a year. If you need it once monthly, you will have to pay Credit Sesame for the services.
  • ❌ With Credit Sesame you only get one credit score from TransUnion. To get your Equifax credit score you can use Credit Karma, to get your Experian credit score you can use Experian and to access your FICO score (which most lenders use when you are buying a house or car) you can use myFICO or you can upgrade to the premium version of Credit Sesame to get all three credit score.

Credit Sesame Reviews

The user experience of Credit Sesame is good. We liked the debt track tool. Also, Sesame cash may become a smart choice for users belonging to underserved communities.

Still, the free version of Credit Sesame does not provide a full credit report as other credit repair companies do. Also, it pulls credit reports from one credit bureau.

Credit Sesame’s paid plans may attract you if you need additional monitoring and expert advice. If we compare Credit Sesame with others in the same industry, we get more from competitors in the free version.

However, if you need a tool that can monitor the debt and give financial recommendations, then Credit Sesame is the best.

Additional Information : You might need to repair your credit score –

Improving your credit score is a challenging task. Credit Saint is a credit repair company that helps you improve and boost your credit score by building a positive payment history. Alternatives to Credit Saint are Disputebee, Lexington Law & Credit Repair Cloud.


1. Is Credit Sesame safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use Credit Sesame. It uses some security measures to keep our data safe and secure

2. Is there any charge for Credit Sesame?

Yes, you will have to pay for the premium and advanced versions of Credit Sesame.

3. Does Credit Sesame do a hard inquiry?

Credit Sesame does not affect your credit score in any way. When Credit Sesame accesses your credit report raising a soft inquiry, it does not hurt your credit score.

4. Which Credit Bureau is partnering with Credit Sesame to fetch the credit report details?

Credit Sesame partners with TransUnion to fetch your credit report details
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